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Prost! brings Game of Thrones-inspired brews to craft beer nh stock.

NORTH HAMPTON, NH, February 9 ­­­­­­­­ — Prost! Specialty Beer & Wine store is an enterprising member of the craft beer Portsmouth NH scene. Prost! is staffed with beer and wine experts who have a passion for bringing their customers the perfect beverage for any occasion. As a new addition to its libation collection, it’s brought on two brews from Brewery Ommegang’s Game of Thrones series, the product of a collaboration between the NY brewery and the popular HBO drama, Game of Thrones.

The first of the two new brews is the Iron Throne, the pioneer of the specialty series released in 2013. Iron Throne is blonde ale, with a slightly hazy golden amber hue. It starts off with a full and fluffy head, offering an aroma that is slightly grassy, with a hint of lemon fruitiness. The taste is slightly malty, honed in by honey malt sweetness, with a crisp finish backed by a hint of spice and hops.

To contrast the mild Golden Iron Throne ale, Prost! is offering another popular beer from the series: Take The Black Stout. This stout was inspired by the brotherhood of the Night’s Watch – made to be deep, dark, and complex. It boasts a deep black, nearly opaque hue, with a full tan head. Enjoy its aromas of dark chocolate, earthy hops and caramel malt, with hints of warm fruitiness. Taste rich flavors of chocolate, coffee, and roasted malt, along with clean hop bitterness and slight woody character and spiciness. It finishes with a rich malt sweetness giving way to spicy earthiness.

These specialty brews are available in 750 ml bottles, one per person, at Prost! Stop by today to claim your bottle from Ommegang’s Game of Throne Series, and take a look at Prost’s wide selection of the best craft beer Portsmouth has to offer. Prost! also hosts beer and wine tasting nh. Learn more about events and get updates on new craft beer nh by visiting www.prostcraftbeer.com.

About Prost Specialty Beer & Wine
Born from Chris Tynan’s expertise with specialty craft beers and his sister and father’s knowledge of fine wine, Prost Specialty Beer & Wine has opened to celebrate all that is good about these incredible beverages. Indeed, the term “Prost” means celebrate and a toast to your good health. Central to the store are regular beer and wine tastings, the ability to answer questions and the desire to share in what they know about craft beer and fine wine, the people at Prost work to celebrate the best that craft beer and fine wines offer. For more information, visit www.prostcraftbeer.com.