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History of Wine

From grapes to goblets

The earliest evidence of wine production thus far discovered lies in Eurasia within the countries of Georgia and Iran (6000 BC). Throughout early history, wine was consumed as a key part of religious ceremonies and celebrations, which still holds true today. Of course, there are many different legends surrounding the actual discovery of wine, ranging from Greek mythology (Dionysus, God of Wine) to biblical references. One instance tells the story of a woman who tried to kill herself by drinking “poison” which was actually a jar of spoiled grapes. Her spirits were lifted after finishing the jar, so she brought the discovery to the king.

Wine earned its place in history in the Roman Empire and of course Medieval Europe, and was eventually brought to the Americas by Spanish Conquistadors. Over thousands of years, different grape plagues drove out certain strains of grapes, but new ones also developed. In the current day Americas, vino is most often associated with Argentina, California and Chile, all of which yield an extensive variety of wines that range from specialty proprietary blends to low-cost box and jug beverages. Wine has always been popular and many modern day vineyards decided to make it an entire experience by offering wine tasting, an activity enjoyed on a night out with friends, or a Saturday afternoon with the family.

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