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Prost! It means “cheers!” in German and is often said while drinking and celebrating with the best of friends and family. Our NH craft beer and wine store was named Prost! as a celebration of the finest local, national and international craft beer and wine.

We are a team of beer and wine enthusiasts who love connecting others to world-class libations. We’re happy to call the Seacoast home, where the craft movement continues to flourish.

Speaking of growth, with the number of beer and wine stores in New Hampshire on the rise, it is important for us to provide a unique experience to you connoisseurs of merry making. At Prost! we offer top-notch selections backed by our fellow aficionados. We know all the flavors, stories, and ingredients of the beverages we sell, and we can help you pick out the perfect one for the perfect occasion. Tired of your average Portsmouth beer selections? Come in to your local Seacoast beer store and we’ll help you select a fine brew that will leave your taste buds singing, and your friends impressed. Your new in-laws just showed up and they “swear they told you a hundred times they were coming”? We’ve got you covered. Swing by and our experts will hand pick a bottle of vino that will make your dinner more…comfortable. Turn any situation into an opportunity to “cheers!”

We take pride in broadening your refreshment horizons by offering the best and most unique collection of beer and wine in NH. We look forward to talking beverages with you soon—Prost!


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